Who Is Vytas Kas?

Vytas Kas is a leading expert in the Health and Fitness Industry. With Professional Sports Medicine & Science qualifications and over 11 years of experience in the practice of Coaching, Diet & Exercise and Lifestyle Design.

After going through severe health problems, he had developed unique skills to observe and understand human physiology. This led him to define universal fitness principles (Body Revolution Principles), that may influence how healthy and effective fitness one can achieve!

Here’s what people are saying about Vytas:

I knew about Vytas before deciding to work with him. He had crazy amount of information everytime he talks. And I could see, that without a strict lifestyle, he was walking around as fit as one can be. That's when I decided, that he must know what he is talking about and decided to ask for help. After I came back from hungary and was weighing around 96kg, being diligent and have applied all his practices I've lost 14kg within around 4 weeks. I know this isn't typical as i've worked my ass for it. But now as I continue with my life, I can say how thankful I am, for helping me with results and taking the stress away from my daily diet & exercise lifestyle.  

- Tibor Fejes (Assistant General Manager)

body revolution principles

Here's What Vytas Kas Coaching Is All About:

Vytas Kas have found that our bodies have very much natural ways of working. It doesn't vary from person to person. And it may influence whether one gets the most out of their health, training and diet or not.


Body revolution principles revolves around how our bodies are genetically programmed to rest, how our bodies create physical habits & how they adapt to everything we do. On top of that there are modern principles, where we have influence of modern culture vs our bodies natural presence and relationship with mother earth. 

Vytas Kas practice simply revolves around the practice, that every other coach uses to provide you with best results, but with an upgrade of these principles to make everything smoother and more effective.

About Vytas Kas

''If you take those drugs, you will live for 4 more years'' - was what Vytas private doctors said in 2014, before repeating an intense corticosteroid treatment for the 2nd time in 2 months. 

At 8 months after Vytas was born, he developed pneumonia and undergone a strong antibiotic treatment, which led Vytas Kas to an extreme autoimmune impairement. 

At the age of 19, he battled depression from life in bandages and extreme self-esteem trauma, which made Vytas Kas, despite doctors warning, to take that second treatment. 

Soon after, he graduated with a degree in Sports Medicine, became a professional health and fitness coach and put his all to discover each and every principle there is, behind what makes us healthy and fit.

Now Vytas Kas is fitter and healthier than ever before, perfecting revolutionary principles and using them to help others to get in shape and transcend their health and fitness.