Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best choice for me to lose weight?

On home page, you will see fitness coaching option, it's where you can get a free consultation goal to answer this question, based on what you need.

How can I download a free ebook?

Once you have entered a correct email address, the ebook will be sent to you by email.

Make sure to check your spam folder in case you are still waiting. Or pop a request on the website contact form, by providing the correct email.

How will I receive my ebook?

All ebooks are in .pdf format. If you are unable to open it or require an alternative, please contact for a request.

How difficult is Vytas Kas coaching?

It is adaptable to every level or ability, but results may vary accordingly. Any options like vegan, gluten free, meat free available, with different training programs to provide best results for transformation and/or lifestyle change.

How much time does coaching last?

There are many clients who stay with Vytas Kas long term for amazing support, accountability and information purposes. However the goal is to get you to the goal and learn the information required within 16 weeks.

How will I receive the coaching?

The coaching is made to the upmost comfort for being an online coaching program. It will teach you the required information through different means like video, email, note taking and workbooks. You will have a diet app where you have to use minimal weighing or counting to make up your meals and learn what to eat. And coaching programs are designed with upmost accountability, tracking and visual guidance, form and motivation coaching.

When you coach, how often do the plans change / get updated?

This highly depends on the circumstances. Often certain foods or supplements don't work well with people, or a more strict approach to attack certain areas may be required to achieve a desired result. For best results, the plan may be corrected to better the course as many times as required on a weekly basis.

Can I switch to a different diet like (Keto, Vegan etc..)?

Yes on any plan adjustments can be made to accompany any of your lifestyle choices. It is no problem to get more fit and healthy on any of these alternatives.

Can I skip training days? /or I have skipped some training days, how bad is that?

Often our schedules don't go the way we predict them, even in close future. Knowing that Diet is way more important for achieving your results I would not worry at all. Adjust to the next available training day or consult Vytas Kas for alternative options.

Are these plans designed by Vytas Kas?

Yes these plans are designed by Vytas Kas to provide an opportunity for everyone to achieve a the highest quality results through 'Body Revolution Principles'.

How flexible are the options for the communication?

You can arrange any comfortable means of communicating with Vytas Kas (Facebook, Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype and so on). You can write your preference upon questionnaire page in the bottom text box or upon email communication with Vytas Kas after purchase.

Can I train at home when choosing coaching service?

Yes. There is a lot of people who may not feel comofrtable to train in the Gym or want to reach a certain point to where they feel they will be able to do it then. You can very successfully be coached from Home. And depending where things head or how much they improve you can always change it up.


Can I purchase a coaching service internationally?

Yes. Everything is available through paypal or stripe credit card and can be purchased from any country.

My card is blocking the payment, what should I do?

Please contact your bank for assistance, as it may be that your bank doesn't recognize the payment or think its a purchase you would make. They only need authorization from you.


I don't know my login or password.

Upon the purchase of Coaching Service you will be registered with your email address that you used during the checkout proccess.

If you have forgotten your password, use the button below the login form on the menu to retrieve it.

In case of not being able to retrieve, we will require you to provide relevant information at

I accidentally put in the wrong email

In case of an course or coaching program purchase you should be able re-register. If you've made the payment already, use the contact page on the website to report the purchase and email used.

You can also use email with the explanation and the right email, and Vytas Kas support team will be able to contact you shortly.